Joanna Borrett’s album “Clan”, which is comprised of a beautiful combination of cello and piano compositions, is an outstanding journey of music storytelling that will be etched in the memory of its listeners. The power of the album is in the way that it brings together a wide range of emotions, from the depths of sadness to the heights of joy, and in doing so, it captures the essence of the human condition in the universal language of music.

Joanna’s cello mastery, along with a piano part of equal virtuosity, results in a dialogue between the two instruments that is both very touching and elevating. Each composition in “Clan” is carefully selected, displaying not only the skill of the performers but the deep emotional bond they have with the music. This album is living proof of what classical music can do to the soul, and, therefore, it is a must for anyone, be it a newbie or a fan. The timeless melodies and craftsmanship of “Clan” guarantee its long-lasting admiration.