Allan Harris – “Live at Blue LLama (Live)”

The live performance of Allan Harris at Blue LLama is the personification of his unmatched talent as featured in “Live at Blue LLama (Live)”. This album is a dynamic proof of Harris’s vocal perfection and artistic brilliance, giving the listeners a front-row seat to his captivating stage charisma.

Allan’s voice combines the warmth of Tony Bennett, the rhythmic bite of Sinatra, and the elegant slyness of Nat ‘King’ Cole, making the listener embark on an unforgettable auditory journey. Every track of the album is a display of his outstanding skill in combining classic jazz sensibilities with modern style, making a sound that is timeless and appealing to both new listeners and old fans. His emotional depth and perfect phrasing add value to the live recording, turning it into not only a set of songs but a deep musical experience. Allan’s love of his trade and his special gift of communicating with his audience make “Live at Blue LLama (Live)” an exceptional album that not only pays tribute to jazz but also enhances its heritage.

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