Sugar Scars – “Haight”

The debut single “Haight” of Sugar Scars is an audacious and harmonious cultural mix that reflects the duo’s bi-national roots, from Juarez, Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. This track is an interesting dive into a psychedelic electronic dance world, skillfully flavored by shoegaze tones and ghostly guitar chords that carry a seductive dance beat.

“Haight” doesn’t only hypnotize with its slow, enchanting progression, but also with its lyrical idea that praises a captivating dancefloor connection. This teaser of their forthcoming album “Rhythmic Body Reactions” introduces a unique musical conversation between separate border cultures. The outcome is a welcome break from the status quo, which is a good sign for the future of music. “Haight” is a reflection of the beauty of creative synthesis and cultural fusion, and as such, Sugar Scars is a notable act in the current music scene.

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