Tom Webber’s “Howling at the Moon” is a triumphant and unapologetically upbeat anthem that captures the essence of a great night out with friends. The song features a rhythmic, fast-paced, and feel-good sound, blending Americana, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, and country elements. Driven by a pounding drum beat, hook-heavy guitars, and Tom’s charming, expeditious vocals, the track is both danceable and addictive.

Tom Webber began his career as a performer at the age of 15, busking in Oxford after picking up a guitar at the age of 12. He has since developed into one of the most recognizable young singer-songwriters, supporting artists like Nick Lowe, Deacon Blue, and Richard Hawley, and performing at various festivals, including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival, and The Big Feastival. In 2022, he won the title of Best Demo of the Year at Glastonbury Festival for his debut EP “Stop And Think About It”.

Webber’s music is influenced by a wide range of artists, from The Beatles and Beach Boys to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. His unique voice, reminiscent of Sam Cooke and Paulo Nutini, showcases a nostalgic sound that blends the mellower aspects of the rock ‘n’ roll era with modern high-fidelity production. With a growing fan base and a promising career ahead, Tom Webber is an artist to watch.