Louis Samson has unveiled “With Me” (Release Date: 23rd February 2018), a track presented by Universal Denmark. This enchanting song marks the third installment from Louis’s eagerly awaited debut EP, slated for release in April 2018.

In discussing the inspiration behind “With Me,” Louis shared, “I penned this single, ‘With Me,’ entirely in the solitude of my apartment, shortly after meeting my wife, Sarah. It’s a heartfelt love song that revolves around the desire to prove one’s trustworthiness to a significant other. The song diverged from the rest of my creative output at the time, which is why it took until now to finalize. I always knew it needed to see the light of day, but it had to be at just the right moment. I’m thrilled to finally share this track with the world.”

“With Me” maintains the same level of emotional depth and personal resonance found in Louis’s previous releases, “Reflection” and “Forever,” further solidifying his artistic prowess.

Louis Samson’s music has received praise from esteemed publications such as Complex, Alfitude, Iggy Mag, and EDM Hunters. His music has also garnered significant support in his native Denmark, where his debut single was selected as Pick of the Week on P3 and entered the Danish Airplay Chart at an impressive No. 20. Additionally, Louis has secured placements on key Spotify playlists, including Nordic/Icelandic and Danish New Music Friday, with his track “Reflection” amassing over 340k streams and counting.