Nottingham’s indie rock band Blondes is gearing up for the release of their new EP, “In Separation,” and have given us a taste with their lively track, “The Basement.”

Crafted during the height of COVID quarantine, “The Basement” was collaboratively created by the band members exchanging tracks remotely. The song delves into themes of isolation and the yearning for escape. While it resonates with the universal experience of the pandemic, it also speaks to those seeking freedom from one-sided relationships.

Despite its exploration of somber themes, the track is surprisingly vibrant, buoyed by a sense of hope. It features a rhythm that’s irresistibly danceable, ensuring listeners will find themselves nodding along or tapping their feet. The song’s instrumental vibe channels ’80s pop rock, reminiscent of bands like Modern English, yet it’s executed with a fresh, modern flair. The vocals are distinctly contemporary, and the catchy hook is likely to linger in your mind long after the song ends.

For those seeking music that reflects shared experiences of isolation but also celebrates breaking free from it, “The Basement” is a perfect choice. It’s an upbeat, anthemic track that has us eagerly anticipating the rest of Blondes’ forthcoming EP.