The influx of pandemic-inspired music shows no sign of slowing down, but it’s offerings like “A Seat at the Table” by Brooklyn’s Big Bliss that make this a welcome trend.

Big Bliss, a post-punk trio, brings a sound that will resonate deeply with fans of bands ranging from R.E.M. to Echo & the Bunnymen. “A Seat at the Table” serves as a tantalizing preview to their upcoming album, “Vital Return.” Judging by this track, the album promises to be a compelling listen, and their decision to open pre-orders is a smart move.

The song kicks off with a strong rhythm section setting the pace, as a synth emerges gradually in the background. The entrance of the guitar, soon accompanied by Tim Race’s voice, adds to the track’s dynamic. Race’s vocals have a distinctive ’80s vibe, reminiscent of Michael Stipe. Beyond the appealing music, the song’s subject matter is profoundly relevant. Reflecting on events like Columbine, 9/11, and the January 6th insurrection, Race comments, “Every one of my peers shares a wealth of experiences like these… They are our generation’s where-were-you-when moments.” These reflections are deeply embedded in the song’s lyrics, making “A Seat at the Table” not just a musical delight but also a reflective piece on our society’s challenges. It’s a song that invites repeated listening, serving as a poignant musical reflection of our times.