Love Crushed Velvet – “Blind Emotions”

With their new track, “Blind Emotions”, Love Crushed Velvet gives an emotional odyssey. This song is a raw look at the intricacies and fragilities of intimate relationships, all put into words by A.L.X. and the band’s sound. The narrative of “Blind Emotions” explores the chaotic process of recognizing and confronting the projections that we place on our partners. The chorus of the track intensifies the concept, showing the erratic dance of emotions that can both nourish and complicate the dynamics of love.

With a visually spectacular music video directed by Alena Savchenko, utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology to create a surreal experience, Love Crushed Velvet demonstrates their talent for combining innovative sound with pioneering visuals. This song is much more than just a proof of their musical ability, it is an ode to the dance of love, thus making it a memorable chapter of their discography.

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