Stewart Taylor – “Nightmares”

Stewart Taylor’s newest single “Nightmares” is a captivating transition from his usual hedonistic anthems to a more introspective and vulnerable soundscape. The master of infectious pop with a danceable beat, Stewart explores the inner torment of insomnia, haunted by fears and desperate for a lover’s touch. The song’s rhythm is propulsive, but it hides the sensitive core, which displays Stewart’s outstanding vocal skills and his capacity to communicate profound emotional truths. His songwriting is masterful in dealing with the intricacies of desire, and it captures the depth and subtlety of human relationships.

The music video that comes with the song, directed by Benjamin Farren, supports the emotional depth of the song and shows Taylor’s raw yearning in stormy visuals. “Nightmares” is a testament to Stewart‘s growth as an artist, offering listeners a poignant look at the fears that lurk in the night, and the solace found in love’s embrace.

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