Melina Hazewood – “Dear Boy”

Melina Hazewood’s “Dear Boy” is an arresting testimony to the young artist’s rising talent and deep wisdom. A 16-year-old Melina performs a pop ballad that doesn’t sound like it was written by a teenager, showing her strong vocals that earned her awards at the Golden Voices International Singing Contest in Cannes.

This song, written in 2020, playfully reflects the theme of young love with maturity and refinement, in a way, projecting the difference between perception and reality in romantic affection. “Dear Boy” not only showcases Melina’s outstanding songwriting talent, which can be seen from her three songs reaching the semi-finals of the UKSC singer-songwriter contest, but also her ability to create a deep connection with her audience through her music. This single is a buoyant demonstration of Melina Hazewood’s characteristic style and the bright future of this gifted teenage artist.