Rich Campanella’s ‘New Wind Comin’ is a rousing tribute to unity and brotherhood, the effect here is well beyond simple words. This is not just a song but an anthem for today, which combines nostalgia with current themes. There is a fiery passion in the performances of Campanella and The Sunrise Band that breathes new life into the blues-rock genre.

In New Wind Comin’, the music is a brilliant display of talent and creativity. There are some particularly good guitar parts with screaming bends and wah-wah pedal wails celebrating the big power chords of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s a wild ride through musical virtuosity: Invoking memories of Bryan Adams and Steve Perry, but absolutely unique in its own right.

Campanella’s vocal ability is outstanding, and each line resonates with added intensity to touch the hearts of listeners. Powerful and poignant, the band’s synergy is palpable. A call for unity in a time when the country is crying out for connection, this track is not only heard, it’s felt.

Rich Campanella’s mastery as both a songwriter and performer is reflected in “New Wind Comin'”. This is a song that doesn’t leave you, with classic rock vibes and modern ideals of hope and solidarity. In a world of rapidly changing musical styles, Rich Campenella and The Sunrise Band provide something lasting–a new breeze for sure, and one containing an important message.