Kaeli Earle and Dillon Greenberg’s Christmas EP, “Merry Christmas, Lucy,” is a feel-good and inventive notion for Christmas music. December 8, 2023, Five-song EP This great work circles around the moving tale of Lucy, the cat beloved of Dillon. “Lucky Lucy beat the odds and the five songs on this EP form a brief biography, of sorts. Such is this tale of hope, which splendidly captures the spirit of this season of celebration, that “Merry Christmas, Lucy” is not just a collection of songs; it is a song of life and a song of miracles.

An EP featuring their original single released on November 24, combines elements of jazz with that of the classic crooner style, from such icons as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Add to this the feisty feeling of the Andrews Sisters, and the dancing Destiny’s Child, and you get the full picture. This amalgam of the sensibilities of the 1950s and the 1990s makes for a sound both homespun and edgy modern. This is truly music of many eras, one which not only appeals to a special audience but one that is one of enjoyment for generations.

Four-part jazz harmonies provide the icing on the cake, enhancing the vocal talents of both Dillon and Kaeli. Their partnership is so natural, that you can sense a great deal of knowledge of and respect for one another’s musical talents. With a diverse choice of recording locations, the album’s soundscape is rich and varied, among other places using Second Story Sound in NYC, Mantra Music Studios in Brooklyn, and Kaeli’s home studio in Seattle.

Dillon and Kaeli’s production skills are in the spotlight in the production quality of “Merry Christmas, Lucy”, and get a great boost in quality from co-production by Derek Buckwalter (RZN8R). However, Derek and Kaeli’s sound design and mixing, along with mastering by Oscar Zambrano, polished off the sound to give it a sense of immersion.

‘Merry Christmas, Lucy’ is a demonstration of the duo’s artistic ideals and musical ability. This is a beautiful addition to the canon of holiday music. Not only does one get an emotional story and beautiful melodies, one gets a delightful blend of tradition and modernness. It is not just a musical triumph, this EP is the light of hope and happiness of the holiday season.