In “Are You Just Lonely?”, Brenna Menz delivers a starkly realistic and highly emotional depiction of the twists and turns of modern love. Brenna’s candid songwriting strikes close to the heart, with its acute perception of a protracted situationship. The lyrics are by no means only a comment on an unfaithful mate. They are also a candid look at the choices and feelings of the artist herself. This is what sets the song apart–its vulnerability and self-awareness.

The melody is the perfect match for the introspective lyrics, all frustration and longing woven into exquisite harmony. Also worthy of note is Brenna’s vocal performance, each line infused with a rawness and sincerity that’s truly enchanting. She successfully expresses the hurt she feels towards her partner as well as the anger she directs at herself.

More than a song, it’s a cathartic experience for any victim of the unrequited love and self-examination maze. Menz doesn’t simply share her story; in so doing, she forces listeners to examine their own lives. The result is a song about heartbreak and personal growth that anyone can identify with. The song is brilliantly produced so that its feeling can be heard in every note. All in all, this track is representative of Menz’s talent and light to those who find themselves in the darkest corners.