“Monroe” by Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners is the song that makes it more clear that the band has already made some progress in its promising career. Released on February 28th, 2024, this song combines the notion of nostalgia and lasting love in its well-thought lyrics and intricate musical arrangement. The song would not be the same without the wonderful vocal performance of Hannah Mitchell, as she manages to convey every line with a mix of vulnerability and power that makes the listener feel like they are right in the middle of the heart of the song.

With the track the band fuses ’80s-inspired synths and drums with modern indie-pop taste which indicates the band’s talent to create something that sounds both typical and wholly new.  It is the release that confirms and showcases Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners as a band that can be reckoned with, capable of creating music that has a personal touch, yet they are also pushing the boundaries of genre.