Shaela Miller’s “Mourning Tonight” is a mesmerizing display of her growth as an artist, fusing her background in narrative storytelling with a modern, country-inflected new wave sound. Being the second single from her new album “After the Masquerade”, this composition is notable for its depth of emotion and originality of the music. The song was recorded by the famous Graham Lessard at the legendary Studio Bell in Calgary, and it has a strong bass and twinkling synth layers that match Shaela’s unique voice perfectly.

The production navigates a new sonic territory that Shaela has eagerly awaited to explore, marking a significant step forward in her artistic journey. The lyrical depth of the track allows the listener to accept the tension and emotional complexity entwined into the song, providing an exclusive and immersive listening experience. “Mourning Tonight” is not just a song, but a sensitive study of the emotional landscapes that make us, performed by one of the most promising talents of today’s music scene.