Pranatricks has just released his most recent track, “Worlds,” on December 29th, 2023, and it’s simply brilliant. In advance of his upcoming sophomore album ‘Elements of’, slated to drop on April 4, 2024, this cut continues his prolific run of form and represents his seventeenth release from anywhere in the realm of music in under two years and fifth single taken from the project due next month. Worlds’ is a slow-burning, indie-psych rock ballad that undeniably captures the mood of our time, offering a salve for the chaotic world we witness today and promoting inner reflection, calm, and peace.

The song starts with an enchanting minute of layered arpeggiator synths that create a cosmic atmosphere, reminding us of how tiny and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe. The physicality of the track is then asserted with the addition of guitars plus a Rhodes piano and drums, creating an almost solid foundation for the poignant lyrical message. The words that the lyrics are composed around the topic of cherishing those we love and acknowledging our shared humanity are poignant and apropos. This prompts us to direct our attention away from the tumult of the external world towards the peace and tranquility of our inner selves, intimating that this contemplation is central to navigating a treacherous reality.

All in all, “Worlds” is a stunning piece is a great acquisition of Pranatricks’ collection, where they masterfully brand music and wisdom into one. Not a mere song, it’s a meditative sojourn that compels one to discover solace and fortitude from within; transcending the vagaries of a harsh existence.