“God Damn” is Raven Ives’ latest single, released on October 31 st, 2023, standing as a testament to her journey in evolving her musical style into a unique form. The song is a captivating composition about the unquenchable fire of creativity and is characteristic of Ives’ work through its eclectic combination of various musical elements.

The song’s duration of 3:06 minutes is filled with a rich tapestry of sounds that reflect Ives’ journey through different musical genres.

“God Damn” is a typical reflection of Raven Ives’ signature deep lyrics filled with metaphors and poetic imagery. The song embodies a message that creativity is an addictive poison, which gives life and is not just for artists but resonates with the feelings of all creatives. The words of the song reflect her mastery in conveying deep meanings and placing them in such a way that they easily resonate with the audience.

This is even more heightened by Ives’ one-of-a-kind low register voice, sometimes mixed with a chilling high falsetto. This blend culminates in a Möller that leaves a lasting impression, luring listeners into her haunting dark-pop sphere. The track is a testament to Raven Ives’ vision of the world, and it demonstrates her talent for sculpting gorgeous, moody cinematic soundscapes with bright waves of sound; a style she processes darkgaze.

Altogether, “God Damn” makes for a powerful addition to Raven Ives’ growing discography. It’s very her – unique, and with the same grandiosity as her musical journey, she deals with high-level themes such as death, the soul, and sadness succinctly tied to mundane and everyday experiences. The song is really a testament to Ives’ talent and creativity, and it is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who takes the time to listen. If you’ve been a long-time fan of Ives or are new to her music, then “God Damn” is definitely worth adding to your playlist.