“Wavesick” is the first album by Like Foxes in Bloom, which is the solo project of Berlin-based Marc Vogler; it’s a wonderfully evocative mix of indie-rock, surf, and post-rock influences. Such a song is a monument of multi-instrumentalist Vogler’s powers and his foot trek through different forms of music for the last ten years. The track is an eclectic one and offers a mellow yet energetic mood.

“Wavesick” is a solid representation of Vogler’s abilities as a songwriter, arranger, and producer. The track is extremely carefully and smartly presented – every particular part is flawlessly balanced and enriched with wisely chosen harmonies of voices and sounds. The details of the high level of professionalism associated with this song are clear, thus making it irresistible both to listen to and watch.

Here, the outstanding vocal performance takes the focus and brings out Vogler’s ideas and musicianship. The track is a go-to song when it comes to flawlessly arranged and performed indie music, with its mind-boggling but easy-listening instrumentations.

“Wavesick” is yet another brilliant track and an apt successor to his previous exceptional singles. It’s an indie rock release that sounds utterly fresh and unique, combining elements from genres such as alternative rock, garage rock, surf rock, power pop, and indie pop, and boasts a rich and opulent ambiance.

Overall, “Wavesick” showcases Vogler as an artist who has grown and developed his sound interestingly and refreshingly. With its perfect mix of chill and high-energy sounds, intricate yet smooth instrumentations, and a top-tier vocal performance, it’s a track that might just become one of your favorites.