Matthew Scott Ragland’s self-titled album is a masterful blend of creativity and heartfelt storytelling. With this solo album, the former co-writer of Nelo who is famous for his latest work in an alternative rock band is taking a brave move into new sounds. The album echoes the spirit of Nelo, however, Matthew cuts a unique, more personal trail. The intimacy of the lyrics, backed with cinematic and electronic elements makes listening refreshing while soothing to the spirit.

Matthew’s skill as an artist is evident as he weaves together the sounds from violins, cellos, synthesizers, and more while keeping the acoustic guitar at the center. This lush, multi-dimensional atmosphere enthralls the listener. All songs seem to be a journey through the experiences, feelings, and evolution of Matthew as an artist. It’s not only music; it’s a story expressed in melody and rhythm.

As such, Matthew Scott Ragland’s self-titled album is not merely an album of songs it’s an experience. It represents a testimony of his growth as a musician and a songwriter, and to old fans and new listeners too. This album is great to listen to for all fans of music made with a lot of love and attention to every detail.