Song Preservation Society – Every Other Somewhere

This delightful album comes from a trio of friends, namely Trevor Bahnson, Ethan Glazer, and Daniel Wright, who reconnected after a decade of pursuing separate paths. They gathered in Ojai during the pandemic, circled around a comforting firepit, and exchanged songs. The album was brought to my attention by Scott Hirsch, who collaborated on its production with Syd Sidney.

This release beautifully encapsulates the signature Echo Magic sound – a blend of rootsy, groovy, and infectious folk music that radiates authenticity. What truly stands out is how these three talented musicians seamlessly share singing, songwriting, and instrumental duties, resulting in a mesmerizing collection of songs. It’s undeniably one of the finest albums in the singer-songwriter genre that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in quite some time. Their harmonious vocals and acoustic mastery evoke occasional hints of the Skiffle Players and, at other times, a touch of the timeless Pure Prairie sound.