We’re delighted to present “Prism” from Nashville Ambient Ensemble’s forthcoming album, “Light and Space.” NAE’s compositions serve as a captivating auditory representation of the accompanying exhibition, particularly the specific piece mentioned below. Their music gracefully navigates concepts of bending light, color, absence, space, purity, and planes. It possesses an ethereal quality, subtle yet multifaceted, often transcending the limitations of words.

For Bandcamp Friday, you have the opportunity to pre-order the album, and we assure you that this is an experience you won’t want to miss. If you’re already familiar with NAE’s work, you’re in for another dose of their exquisite soundscapes, filled with intricate layers of sound. If you’re new to their music, consider yourself fortunate. Exploring their albums and each instrumentalist’s remarkable solo catalog is a journey into the realm of beauty and artistry. When these talented musicians come together, it’s akin to gazing at white light – a convergence of all colors, resulting in something incredibly nuanced and profoundly sublime.

“Prism” was one of the first ideas that came out during the writing process for the Light Space Surface audio tour collaboration with the Frist, and I immediately thought it paired well with the cool, serene gradient of Peter Alexander’s sculpture, “Untitled,” 1968. I was exploring some new synth tools during the writing process, and this song sort of helped form the new direction in which I took the project. It has a bit more space than the tracks on Cerulean and a calm but steady momentum to it. It’s really satisfying to play the song with the ensemble and seems to bring out a few smiles. Michael Hix