“Pocket Dial Tears” by Peppermint Moon is an amazing trip to soundscapes that unites rock and pop-rock. From the first chords from the beginning, the listener is immersed in a universe where emotion and melody come together in a simple, yet elegant manner. One of the best songs is “Above Clouds”, and we are sure it will stick in your head for days.

The EP has high-quality production, allowing each instrument to shine without taking away from the vocals, and it can evoke several different emotions – from nostalgia to optimism – without sacrificing the unity of sound. The closing song, “He She They” will stick in the listener’s head for days.

To sum up, “Pocket Dial Tears” by Peppermint Moon is a brilliantly crafted EP that combines emotional depth and musical quality perfectly. Indie folk fans and those who value music that touches their soul should be sure to listen to it.