Seasonal Falls has recently released “Happy Dayz” – being one of the tracks of their upcoming debut album, a brilliant combination of acoustic indie pop and indie folk that witnesses the band’s ability to be versatile and proficient. The track begins slowly and melancholic, singing about the depressing state of the modern world. However, it’s the transformative chorus that truly makes this song stand out. 

Following this storyline, the upcoming singles “Used to be fun” and “Lie down” set the stage before the album is dropped on May 10, 2024.

Seasonal Falls is the music of Swiss songwriter Roman Gabriel together with Andrew Pelletier’s distinctive vocals and production with indie music of the ’90s. Their music contains emotional depth and melodic creativity influenced by artists such as Elliott Smith, Pavement, and Wilco. This humble home studio recordings have a warmth and simplicity in them that hide the complication and contradicting side of the music that was made by them – melancholic yet cheering, easy yet complicated.

Their first single “Reach for nearby” laid the groundwork for the band’s distinct sound that received international recognition and favorable comparisons with artists like Andy Shauf and Sufjan Stevens. Seasonal Falls once again shows their aptitude for juggling contrasting aspects to form a unified, emotionally significant entity with “Happy Dayz” This song is more than just a song; it is an experience felt by the heart and soul.