“The Thing” is Liya Shapiro’s debut single, a seductive examination of the twists and turns of love. With a rich post-punk flavor, London-based, this artist’s entry into the alternative music scene creates an almost living ambiance from beginning to end. In this track, Liya’s unique style of weaving thick stories with rich ambiguity is revealed. Through an emotional optical illusion she depicts love as both a destructive and creative force.

“The Thing” is a post-punk hymn jejunely accompanied by gothic elements. The beat of the track provides a constant backdrop for listeners, leading them on an unforeseen musical adventure that is capped by an unexpected but erotic drum-and-bass paradise. In a spell-binding and charmingly haunting way, Liya’s vocals stand out. From hypnotic verses to soothing choruses the transition is as natural as can be.

Not just a song, “The Thing” is an exploration of the intricacies of human feeling set to music and lyrics that are disturbing in their way. Thus, this first single is a testament to Shapiro’s musical talents and creativity. We can hardly wait for more from such a promising artist.