The captivating ‘Fade Days’ by SWiiMS, is a great tune that combines indie rock and dream pop genius. Backed by the talented Mai Diaz Langou, with her floating voice melting into the strains of her arrangement, the song creates its own mind-world. Guitarist Colin Thompson provides another layer of depth, and his guitar work meshes with Langou’s vocals in a feeling soothing feeling and yet so exhilarating. Cian O’Ruanaidh supplies the rhythmic backbone on bass, giving the track a throbbing, steady heart.

‘Fade Days’ is evidence of SWiiMS’ determination to adhere to their art. Born to represent the absolute refusal to write anything but music they love, the band have certainly succeeded in transforming the way their minds hear, into the way your ears hear. The song echoes the enthusiasm of musicians. Finally, their ‘career,’ kept for so many years within the framework of writing and recording sheets, blooms with the reopening of halls and rehearsal rooms.

In ‘Fade Days’ is authenticity, a testament to the group’s evolution. It is also a track that does more than just reflect the ethereal mood of SWiiMS; it places you within the world of its characters, giving you the chance to float off with its dreamy beat and stirring lyrics. A true gem in the independent music field, ‘Fade Days’ is a song that is sure to impress and will never be forgotten by those who hear it.