“The Devil’s Advocate” is the latest single by Lisa Humber and it is a monumental piece in her alt-pop discography. Produced by Justin Abedin, this song delves into the turbulent path of love and self-awareness, with Lisa’s soulful vocals slicing through the mix with touching clarity. The narrative of the song is the chaos of unheeded warnings and the courage needed to admit one’s mistakes, in a captivating mix of melodic introspection.

With an impressive music video that features an all-female band, the single not only highlights Lisa’s singing talent but also her dedication to empowerment and artistic cooperation. The visuals, co-directed by Steffi Didomenicantonio and photographed by Rafa Weyman, provide an extra layer of credibility and visual attractiveness, thus, perfectly capturing the song’s empowering message.

As someone who appreciates deep, narrative-driven music, “The Devil’s Advocate” resonates with me profoundly. Lisa Humber has truly outdone herself with this empowering anthem.