‘Dark Thoughts’ by Giardini Oort is a brilliant sound adventure that goes beyond music to deliver a moving story about how frightening is the war for children who live in countries such as Syria and Gaza. Created under the gloomy sentiments of reflections about lost innocence in the midst of war, the track is an aural tapestry coated with the shadowy, chilling tones of the reality that those, too young to understand the intricacies of adult arguments, must face.

The Moog Subharmonicon not only provides a dense and immersive texture to the composition but also acts as a metaphorical ‘wall of sound’ that engulfs the listener in the overwhelming gravity of the situation it represents. ‘Dark Thoughts’ is not a song; it is a deep statement, a musical journey of loss, and the voiceless screams of young souls trapped in chaos, which makes it a piece to listen to for those who value the ability of music to send meaningful messages.