“YOLO” performed by the deep dive species is a sonic homage to the spontaneity and living in the present. This track is a lively combination of electronic finesse and catchy guitar riffs, released in honor of the anniversary of their debut album “Aquaphilia.” Vadim Militsin’s proficiency in electronic music harmonizes perfectly with Sergey Popovich’s evocative guitar playing, giving rise to an auditory sensation that is both modern and nostalgically familiar.

Produced by Militsin and Popovich and mastered by Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering, this production makes every beat and note sharp and engaging. The accompanying videos, in particular the vertical one, demonstrate a visual creativity that goes well with the track’s lively tempo and festive mood.

deep dive species in ‘YOLO’ captures the thrill of living without regret; it’s a song that you want to play over and over, and it sticks with you long after the music ends.