The Trusted’s recent single, “Self Destruct” is a raucous mix of punk energy and indie rock ingenuity. Starting with impressive guitars and ending with a chorus fit for an anthem, this track is the personification of unbridled rebellion. The dynamic of electronic and traditional basslines, tight drumming, and burning guitars make a lively soundscape, whereas the strong vocals alternate between restrained melody and raw power.

As the lead singer, Tom Cunningham, describes, the song is about self-destruction but it is done in a raucous and introspective way. It is an explosive new entry into their portfolio, meant to appeal to anyone who has ever felt the excitement of living on the edge.

To me, ‘Self Destruct’ is not just a song, it’s an emotional rollercoaster that grabs you with its powerful energy and does not let go, making you want to shout along with every word and feel every beat deep inside!