The second album in two years by Pranatricks, “Elements of,” is a melodic journey that goes beyond his previous releases, and represents a deeper and more complex musical experience. The album closes with the captivating single “Start to End,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album full of a psychedelic tapestry that is influenced by Khurangbin to Kurt Vile.

Every track is a gateway to Pranatricks’ vast sonic universe, where electric guitars, ghostly voices, and synths engage in a dance of contemplation and existential pondering. More than a set of songs, but a deep narrative arc, “Elements of” takes the listener into a place where past and present are intertwined, providing space for reflection and expectation. This album is proof of Pranatricks’ growth as an artist.

I just finished listening to Pranatricks’ “Elements of”, and it’s a masterclass in musical growth and emotional depth. This album not only captivates with its rich layers and innovative sound but also resonates on a deeply personal level. Highly recommended for anyone looking to be moved and inspired.