The latest work of Marxoxo and Ienne, “Fate”, is a stunning blend of fast-paced drum-n-bass and touching narrative that captures a radical love story just in time for spring. The song is a showcase of Marxoxo’s heartfelt writing and beautiful pop vocals, perfectly paired with Ienne’s huge, colorful soundscapes.

Their emotional honesty comes through most in the hook, where vocal melodies blend with energetic beats. The track, having been inspired by t.A.t.U., boldly deals with queer romance with raw and resilient honesty. The video that goes with the song makes the song even better, showing both artists fighting the outside chaos and the inside turmoil, making a perfect visual representation of their lyrical path.

Marxoxo and Ienne not only bring an audacious sound with ‘Fate’ but also a deep message of love and acceptance. It is a song that has the power to go deep and leave you with the desire to feel its energy and emotion.