“The Rhythm Fills My Soul” by Astralix, is beautifully represents a combination of creative talents, including the producer Louis Dupont who helped to make the rhythm of this song perfect for dance and fun. The core of this song is wonderfully demonstrated by its title, and the interface truly fills the reader’s heart with song rhythm. The song offers nice vocals from Malena, encapsulated in the festival beat, surrounded by the bright synths, grooving bass, and powerful kick as the main part of the track.

There are the synths and the sound design that follow a bass house sound with plucky, bright synth chords which are reversed vocals at low, rumbling sub-bass. The mixing and mastering deserve comment, too; it inserts a certain light to the chord synths and includes a pleasing touch of funny and, for instance, the exhausts. This gem of a song is the product of the creative collaboration of Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, and Louis Dupont utilizing catchy hooks, revving production, and the uplifting themes of partying all night.