“Spitting Image” by Silver Shores – this talented four-piece band from Oakland, CA, leaves its listeners rather impressed with the latest single. The tuning of guitars at the beginning of the song creates a mysterious and ominous aura This opening establishes a mysterious mood that draws the listener into its spell right from the beginning.

The song develops at a slow tempo, giving the listener time to be enveloped by the introspective tone of the song which carefully discusses the fact that we often notice our own flaws apparent in others. The strong raging in the choruses and the bridge/outro provide a great contrast to the song, a moving journey filled with emotion that won’t leave your mind even after all the notes have been played. This is why “Spitting Image” is a triumph of Silver Shores’ inclined traits of depicting mysterious tunes combined with rather thought-provoking lyrics, being a necessary sound to catch up on by all the people striving to hear good depth and reflection from the sounds of music.