Alexz Johnson – “Ain’t That The Way”

Our admiration for Alexz Johnson’s musical talent began a month ago with the release of “Hurt Me,” a piano-centric ballad. Today, we’re excited to discuss her latest offering, “Ain’t That The Way.” This new track diverges from its predecessor, opening with the strumming of an acoustic guitar set against a solid, steady beat.

Alexz Johnson consistently delivers outstanding vocal performances, and “Ain’t That The Way” is no exception. As Johnson’s powerful, rich voice enters, the beat intensifies, almost as if it’s striving to match the depth of her vocals, underscored by a deep, resonant kick drum that adds a sense of seriousness to the song.

About thirty seconds in, harmonizing vocals join, accompanied by subtle, skillful lead guitar plucks, further enriching the track’s auditory landscape. Just when it seems the song has reached its full potential, the bass guitar enters, enhancing the arrangement and vividly conjuring an image of the band’s collective satisfaction in the studio, aware of yet another successful creation by Johnson.

What sets Johnson apart as a songwriter is her masterful use of bridges, a skill often overlooked by contemporary artists. The call-and-response segment in this bridge is exceptionally well-executed, showcasing Johnson’s dynamic range, control, and meticulous craftsmanship in songwriting.