“End Of The World” by Sunfruits, an Australian indie band, showcases their knack for blending retro rock and pop elements, reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s. From the outset, the song impresses with harmonious backing vocals and the crisp sound of an electric guitar, indicative of the band’s appreciation for vintage tunes. This Melbourne-based group crafts a sound that evokes the nostalgic essence of that era, with echoes of the musical “Hair” in its composition.

The track is a rich tapestry of fuzzy rhythm guitar, a vibrant bass line, and a compelling organ pad, all coming together as the music progresses. The drums provide a steady, unwavering beat throughout. However, it’s the captivating lead vocals and the harmonious backing vocals that truly stand out. These backing vocals not only complement the lyrics but also add depth with their intricate harmony lines, making “End Of The World” a standout piece in Sunfruits’ repertoire.