La Faute – “Watercolours”

La Faute has once again graced the blog with their new release, “Watercolours,” a song that elegantly uses the metaphor of watercolours to explore the intricacies of love. The track’s minimalistic arrangement allows each instrument to stand out, together weaving a tapestry akin to a bossa nova melody.

The rhythm of the song, characterized by a gentle, percussive tapping, provides a subtle groove. The bass moves the melody forward at a deliberate pace, while the piano and guitar intricately fill the musical space, each adding their unique texture. The vocals are breathy and sultry, perfectly complementing the song’s intimate and sensual theme, with the backing vocals introducing a light, ethereal touch at just the right moments.

The brilliance of “Watercolours” lies in its lyrical content. The analogy of watercolours to describe love is both novel and insightful, painting a picture of love as an unpredictable and often messy journey, yet beautiful in its spontaneity and surprises. The lyrics are rich with vivid imagery and evoke emotions that resonate universally.

Discussing the track, La Faute shared their creative vision, saying: “While writing, I pondered over various perspectives – both big and small, external and internal. I visualized rain on windows, tears on cheeks, the rhythm of windshield wipers in the rain. The song’s protagonist, the narrator, treads a fine line between sinister and romantic. Is the song about love, or is it about an unhealthy, unrequited obsession? I aimed to balance the sense of deep longing with a hint of darkness, wondering if this borderline obsessive infatuation resonates with others.”