Brittain Ashford, a Broadway performer based in Brooklyn, has taken a break from the stage to create new music, including her captivating track, “Could’ve Done You Better.” This song might already be familiar from its play on shows like MTV’s “Catfished” and HBO’s “Search Party,” but it deserves a special highlight for its brilliance.

The song begins with a guitar’s enchanting strum, complemented by a synth pad, setting a dreamy atmosphere. Ashford’s voice, gentle yet impactful, echoes the style of Sharon Van Etten and Adrianne Lenker, setting high expectations which she effortlessly meets. Her vocals transition from a soothing whisper to a powerful expression of emotion, capturing the essence of heartache and introspection.

As the song progresses, the addition of vocal harmonies elevates it further. These harmonies make the track an essential addition to any playlist, fitting for long drives or quick errands. The song also features a well-crafted guitar solo and a climactic ending where various vocal layers beautifully intertwine. “Could’ve Done You Better” is a must-listen, as recommended by us at UpToHear.