Meira, a young artist with a remarkable list of achievements, including her viral cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” with over 22 million views, television features, and the National YoungArts Award in Jazz Voice, now introduces her new EP, “Manic Pixie Therapist.”

This EP, while primarily pop, offers a diverse range of songs. The title track, “Manic Pixie Therapist,” starts with a unique blend of melodic keys and soft guitar, marking a slight departure from the typical indie folk sound. However, Meira’s vocal style remains true to the genre, with a quality reminiscent of Bon Iver and perfectly placed harmonies. The track skillfully builds in intensity, adding layers of instrumentation to its reflective mood. It’s an excellent introduction to Meira’s music for newcomers.

Another standout track is “Missing in Your Heart,” a poignant ballad about unrequited love for a best friend. The song masterfully conveys the complexity of these emotions, supported by intricate guitar work. Though more stripped back compared to the title track, this song is a must-have for anyone with a heartache playlist. Interestingly, “Missing in Your Heart” almost didn’t feature on the EP but was included following its rapid popularity on TikTok, where it garnered tens of thousands of views and comments. This decision showcases Meira’s responsiveness to her growing fanbase and her versatility as an artist.