The new track “Bennet” by Blair Gun is an indie/garage rock track that resonates with its vibrant energy. It kicks off with a resonant bass line, swiftly complemented by the drums that anchor the song’s rhythm. The vocal and rhythm guitar melodies harmonize beautifully, while the lead guitar introduces unique notes, adding an intriguing twist. The lead singer’s voice is a blend of sweetness and a raw, folksy edge, contributing a unique charm to the song.

As the track unfolds, it evolves into a quintessential indie/garage rock anthem, complete with a catchy chorus and engaging “ohs.” The guitar solo is subtle yet skillfully performed, aligning with the song’s gritty and authentic vibe. Lyrically, “Bennet” narrates the experience of an individual the main songwriter encountered online, grappling with similar doubts and fears about a career in the arts. The song poignantly addresses the challenges and hurdles artists encounter in realizing their dreams, delivering its message with genuine emotion and sincerity.