A Certain Someone, aka René Arbeithuber of Slut and Pelzig renown, has made quite brave moves transiting into a solo outing, and on the single ‘Suburbian’ he sparkles like a firework. This track demonstrates the deep musical talent of René, who managed to develop it during 15 album productions of his bands.

“Suburbian” is a fascinating combination of heart-rending lyrics and soul-capturing melodies that speak of the artist`s overall proficiency. The track reverberates in a distinct manner that encompasses a mix of indie-rock and honest songwriting. A Certain Someone’s voice is all at once well-known and new and it sang the melody with a genuine depth of feeling. ‘Suburbian’ is proof of René’s development as an artist and promises a lot for his future as a solo artist. This track is more than a song; it is a story clad in a vivid, sonic mosaic.