The Flying Beets – “Villain”

An indie rock trio from Fort Worth, The Flying Beets, takes things to the next level with their new song ‘Villain’. They have made a name for themselves with their powerful and emotional sound. The frontman, Nathan Waller, who is known for his incredible range in vocals and emotive delivery, is followed by a strong rhythm section consisting of bassist David Cross and drummer Kenn Scott. ‘Villain’ displays their development, fusing punchy rhythms with Waller’s engaging songwriting and guitar playing.

The track’s infectious hook and brilliant vocals are a must-have for any music lover’s playlist. Even though The Flying Beets are a rather young band, created in the spring of 2022, they show a musical maturity that transcends genres and embraces a wide range of audiences, and ‘Villain’ is a testament to their talent and promise.

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