Mae Krell’s latest single, “too hard,” is a soul-stirring masterpiece that marks a brilliant start to 2024. Krell emerged from a seven-day hideaway in a New York state cabin to produce what has to be the best tune that speaks to the soul within.

What makes this song special is firstly the purity and passion in the lyrics, and secondly, the soft, folk-religious melody it has, which gives the song the kind of charm that shocks and soothes at once. Of particular note is Mae’s vocal performance which conveys a sense of vulnerability and strength simultaneously. The cabin’s serene isolation is palpable in the song’s intimate production, setting it apart from the bustling energy of NYC, her usual backdrop.

“too hard” stands out not just for its lyrical depth but also for the honesty with which Krell shares her creative process. The fact that it came to life in an unusual manner for her only adds to its authenticity and charm. However, this track is more than just another song; it is a fixated trip to the unknown seeds that are lurking deep inside the human heart, which makes it a track that must be heard by every music enthusiast.