Chloe Tang’s latest track ‘2.0’ is an ode to both her artistic growth and discovery of oneself. This track represents an impressive fusion of styles, effortlessly merging R’n’B, pop, and a splash of rock to produce a sound that feels both original and recognizable. The lyrics by Chloe stand out as a reflection of her witticism and attitude as she narrates a story of her search for herself. The intensity of the beats in the song also grows gradually and this perfectly goes in line with moving upward with an individual’s growth and transformation.

It’s an anthem for anyone on the brink of their own version 2.0. Whether you want to set yourself up for a perfect night out or just need something to boost your confidence as you drive, this track is your best friend. The inclusion of guitars brings a smile to the listener’s face, giving the track an even extra layer. Overall, “2.0” is a victorious anthem of evolution and self-realization and becomes a new peak in Chloe’s already bountiful track record.