Zen Bunny Collective’s ‘Funky America 9/38’ is a lively and soulful masterpiece that captivates from the beginning. With its catchy grooves and lively rhythms, this track is living proof of the band’s innovative style of music. Mixing funk, soul, and a hint of psychedelia, ‘Funky America 9/38’ takes the listeners on a blissful trip through soundscapes that are both familiar and fresh.

The musicianship of the Collective is excellent and it is shown in tight and intricate arrangements that are very deep. This song is an attractive invitation to enjoy the thrilling live shows that they are about to perform around the Great Lakes and Banff, Canada in May and June 2025. ‘Funky America 9/38’ is not a song; it is a movement, the idea of adventure, and the happiness of discovery.