Fake Plastic’s latest single, ‘Black Eyed Girl,’ is a sonic masterpiece that brilliantly intertwines modern rock sensibilities with a touch of indie charm. The guitar riff starts as soon as the song begins, it immediately captures your attention and prepares you for a very immersive musical ride. The lead singer’s unique voice, both raw and melodious, perfectly complements the dynamic instrumentation.

Lyrically the song is a poetic investigation into love and longing, with descriptions written in vivid colors and blurbs that strike a chord. The chorus is especially catchy, so ‘Black Eyes Girl’ remains etched in your mind as soon as the first listen is done. The bridge displays an awe-inspiring instrumental breakdown, emphasizing the band’s ability. In short, ‘Black Eyed Girl’ is one of the Fake Plastic songs that shows their ability to create a piece of music that is both emotionally juicy and crosses over different audiences. For anyone who enjoys songs well-designed and full of meaning, a must-listen.