Stevie Flowers’ latest track, “Stop Thinking,” is a masterful blend of indie and alternative pop that showcases the immense talent of this self-produced artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Stevie is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, bass, and drums, designing for a sound that could only be termed as uniquely compelling and refreshingly realistic. This lively track is also remarkable with influences from the likes of Mac Miller and Kid Cudi, all the way to Mac Demarco and Rex Orange County in this entertaining tune.

“Stop Thinking” captivates with its punchy, fast-paced energy, drawing on Stevie‘s love for Surf Rock, Post Punk, and New Wave Rock. The song is brilliantly produced, with an energetic feel that reflects Stevie’s dedication to his craft. The motivational anthem is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Stevie’s personal journey, encouraging listeners to take action and embrace a carefree yet honest approach to life.

Stevie Flowers manages to engage his audience at home in Pittsburgh and online, reinventing and building enthusiasm over each release. Lucy Why podcast episode allowed him to reveal some secrets about his upbringing and personality formation, which made it more attractive for fans. Stevie’s “Stop Thinking” is not just a song but a print confession of Stevie’s artistry–his ability to make music that moves at a relatable person. This is definitely a track that cannot be ignored by any person out there who understands the meaning of good music when it comes to indie pop.