“Island”, the newest single from JUICYPEAR, the Southern LA indie-pop duo, is a beautiful combination of heartfelt tunes and dream-pop aesthetics, reflecting the group’s endurance and artistry growth. Being a track beautifully put together, there is much to indicate the sort of success that JUICYPEAR received despite the life changes that were tantamount to a whirlwind, including a global pandemic, starting a family, and moving. “Island” emanates the history of the band and represents the idea of love, the development of personal identity, and the quest for personal liberty.

Collaborating with Haiva Ru, this song has this honest sort of warmth and intimacy that is refreshing and profound. It’s more than just music—paradise; it’s a sonic tropical getaway, where listeners would seek their peace. The single is not only a tribute to JUICYPEAR’s talent, and their ability to create profoundly personal and transcendent music. “Island” is a wonderful track that excels in every sense, and its warmly encouraging qualities show that this duo promises much for their anticipated debut album.