“Horizons”, the newest album by BlissBliss, is a perfect combination of expertise, talent, and passionate music, which leaves behind any genre constraints and goes straight to the heart. Coming from Nashville, a city that is synonymous with musical greatness, Lang and Renee Bliss bring their vast history of touring, performing, and recording with such icons as Amy Grant and Michael McDonald to this amazing project.

Their debut single, “Fight For Peace”, had topped CCM radio charts before, establishing their appeal to a broad audience. “Horizons” is another example of this, with such songs as “Your Number’s Up”, “Do or Die”, “Searching for Summertime”, and “What’s Going On”, which offer a combination of meaningful lyrics and captivating tunes. Their music is a blend of the experience of seasoned artists, and it is a link between different genres and generations. Ranging from the Grammy’s stage to intimate prison performances, BlissBliss‘ dedication to their art and their message of peace and unity is evident throughout “Horizons”, making it a must-listen for lovers of real, soul-stirring music.