“Officer”, is the latest release from Wez King, which presents itself as an excellent musical journey, where soulful melodies effortlessly accompany powerful lyrics. From the very first bars, the song grabs your attention thanks to this very specific vibe that mixes classic rock with a modern flavor. Wez King’s voice is the strong point here – rich, passionate, and ideal to the story the song tells, which is both touching and understandable.

Produced on a high quality, each instrument stands out but does not compete with the vocals. The biggest thing that makes ‘Officer’ stand out is its lyrical richness. The chorus is particularly memorable, likely to resonate with listeners long after the song ends. In general, ‘Officer’ is a kind of a masterpiece by Wez King fully displaying the skills to create delightful tunes which are entirely impressive, but also meaningful and as relevant as the times can be.