GUT HEALTh’s latest single is ‘Runaway High’ – a masterful blend of pulsating rhythms and lyrical depth that showcases the band’s unique sound. The track begins with an attractive guitar riff, which captures the listener’s attention from the very start of the track. Following this explosive sound there is an exciting but smooth blend of rock and electronic tones, making a soundscape that is both inherently modified and reminiscent of the old days.

‘Runaway High’ strikes a balance between poetic imagery and relatable storytelling, making it a song that resonates on a personal level with its audience. The chorus is perhaps more memorable which is perfect – a soaring melody that is sure to stay in your mind well after the song ends. “Runaway High” is an ode to the musical virtuosity of GUT HEALTH and their knack for making music not just an auditory pleasure but also an emotional experience. It is a must-listen for those people who are just looking for something new and exciting in music.